Creating a strong connection with nature is the primary concept behind Stasa designs. This might seem contradictory to modern-day fashion, but I believe that it is because of this that my concept is important. As a society, we have disconnected with nature, from where we began, from mother nature! It is time to change that.

As a young girl, I spent my days deeply submerged in nature. Lifestyle back then was different, much slower than it is today. I recently stepped into my 30s, and have since noticed just how much time the younger generations spend in front of their screens. It makes me worry for the future and all of those young people left to come.

I want to use my collection concept to reconnect with nature, with the world in the most beautiful way possible. We need to remind ourselves that creating the time to just be outdoors, whether it’s for a walk, a run or just to sit down, is essential.

Nature is good for us; we are a part of nature. I believe and follow this mantra wholeheartedly. As animals, we’ve evolved to make sense of the natural world, and our connection with it is often forgotten and overlooked (especially due to the distraction of technology). Because we disconnected from nature, we stopped taking care of it. Now, we face the consequences.

This collection is made from all-natural fibres and recycled fabrics. Every colour used is neutral, with a splash of black. This selection of colours allows the overall image to simply disappear into nature.

In this way, I am trying to reconnect with my homeland Istria in Croatia.

The photoshoot was supposed to be outside, but after unpredictable spring weather, we have decided to do it in the studio based in Rojc, Pula, and bring some nature inside.
My talented friend Sandra Jukopila, who owns a Struchak flower studio Pula made beautiful dry flower decoration that was a big part of our lookbook.

Photo credit goes to an amazing young photographer from Pula, Teodor Korodi.
Behind the natural makeup look and hair is lovely makeup artist Andrea Prodan.
And on end, we have my long time muse and friend Anita Dujic as a model. The perfect human who can deliver my designs as they should be, natural and looking perfect in every way.

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