The “Diversus” collection continues the exploration of bamboo, sustainability in fashion and equality. From the very beginning, the idea was to combine natural and recycled materials with bamboo as wood.  ‘I love to reconcile and harmonize differences, I am sensitive to different ones – from women of different constituencies, years, through people of different religious and cultures to people with disabilities, therefore it is the logical name to call collection “Diversus” (Eng. diversity). Staša Randall

The colour palette ranges from earthy darker colours such as navy blue, black, camel, khaki and grey all the way to white that refreshes, and an indispensable part of Stasa designs with bamboo, which has an intriguing beauty, texture and colour.

“Diversus” is an evolution from pervious collections – with a focus on elaborated colours and cuts.

‘The structure of the material is important to me and I am extremely careful about their selection, so I use natural cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo and recycled polyester with a viscose mixture.’  Staša Randall

The entire collection consists 14 stylings, starting from minimalist/oversized coats and jackets, dresses with fits that follow the body lines, straight cut trousers with detailed seams, and low shoulder/oversized blouses…these, just some of the striking pieces from the innovative “Diversus” collection.

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