STAŠA AW 23/24

The new STAŠA collection for autumn/winter represents a combination of traditional and modern. It was with this combination that I created a collection that tells a story of its own, celebrates different cultures, unites generations and attracts precisely those individuals who value cultural heritage and fashion innovations at the same time. I let myself sway on the waves of the past and nostalgia, bathed in the rays of modern minimalism. So, for example, I added to this collection one very interesting, old-fashioned element of folk costume – the scarf that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers wore in the fields to protect themselves from the weather during hard working days, and integrated it into a modern fashion story. My task was to find a balance in this challenging combination that would result in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing collection for the STAŠA audience.

The STAŠA brand carefully and meaningfully builds its story. We now create each collection by developing cuts and patterns from previous collections that we combine into new ones. Although we already have our own concept, which is recognizable by its minimalist style, our task is to create timeless clothing items with a lot of attention and love. The woman STAŠA is the one who decides for herself how to wear a certain item of clothing and always feels good in it.

The materials I used are of the highest quality and that is very important to me. Most of the materials come from a textile factory in the Netherlands that I have been working with for years, and for one reason – their materials come with Oeko-tex certificates and they continuously work on innovative materials. So in this collection, I tried ECOVERO viscose, which imitates silk, for the first time. ECOVERO is a type of sustainable and environmentally friendly viscose material. It is obtained from renewable sources of wood, primarily beech, and is produced using an ecologically friendly closed-loop production process. This closed-loop process recycles and reuses water and chemicals, reducing environmental impact and waste. I used ECOVERO viscose for the shirt and dress and got a beautiful garment that fits beautifully and feels special on the skin – soft and silky. In the autumn/winter collection, I use wool for coats and vests. The dresses are made of cotton, viscose and polyester mix. The new versatile suits are made from cotton with elastane and have a slight sheen. The straight-cut jacket and raincoat, with details on the back, are made of harder twill.

This collection has a real winter palette of colours. From the prevailing black, all the way to the earthy tones of beige, gold and olive green, with the addition of burgundy, which beautifully lifts this gloomy winter palette.

The filming of the campaign took place in Pula at the Svjetionik-Verudela location. Through the photos, Senja Vild fantastically presented the autumn-winter atmosphere. The sea was rough, and light rays of the sun came out from behind the grey clouds every now and then. Senja was behind the camera this time and captured every moment that perfectly describes the STAŠA woman – strong and elegant at the same time. Apart from the fact that I have been working with Senja successfully for several years, she also knows my brand very well, and wears it herself, which gives a great advantage when working together because she knows exactly what we want to get from the photos.

Location: Verudela Lighthouse, Pula.

Photography: Senja Vild

Model: Klara Blazevic – IM Studio Model Agency, Rijeka.

Makeup and hair: Andrea Prodan

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