The Bamboo Collection

“Bamboo” is a graduate collection and an idea which started with the study of multiplication in fashion and designer Paco Rabanne, under the mentorship of doc. mr. art. Jasminka Končić. The idea is to create a collection of clothes made of wooden materials, using the same concept of multiplication in the work of Paco Rabanne. Creating a collection is a key to fashion creativity, that is constantly seeking new directions and ways of expression. So the wood, as a material for making garments, is hard to imagine. The very thoughts of garments made of wood infuse a certain amount of scepticism, but the process itself, the ideas and the course of making such a collection are very much possible.

Because of its structure, wood acts as a material that is challenging because of the structural characteristics, a bit complicated, but at the same time combines carpentry skills and fashion design skills which push the boundaries of fashion creation. In this theme are shown the theoretical level of importance the theme itself, as well as the process of making the collection and the final result – the very collection.

To design the collection of wooden materials on an example of multiplication in the work of Paco Rabanne, is a process that requires prior knowledge of the designer and the materials used. The main material of the collection is individual pieces of bamboo, made into identical tiles that are connected together with metal rings to form the garment. The tiles are reusable and can create many different variations of styles and sizes, by changing the arrangement of tiles. Wood as a material is not used too often in the fashion industry and the challenge for the designer is to make an uncommon garment attractive to the consumer.

As bamboo is an organic material, it can be produced widely with little to zero effect on the earth resources, and can save money on such as electricity and manufacturing. Only needing soil, the sun, and water to produce the raw material, the bamboo plant. Within this collection, you have to widely contrasting materials. On one side you have Bamboo, which an organic and natural material, with a couture appearance to it. But on the other side of the collection, there is a man-made material that are highly manufactured and ready wear. The contrast in materials used was a major influence and source of inspiration behind this design and producing this collection. The collection consists of five models, four are upper garments made of bamboo tiles while the rest is made of neoprene, scuba, polyester and microfiber fabrics. The fabrics are dominated by shades of grey and blue.

Photography: Zvonimir Ferina

Video: Ivana Varesko

Make Up: Kasandra Draganić

Models: Lena Došen & Matea Brucic

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